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Floor grating

We stock the following Floor grating sizes:

  • 25x4.5mm  325x1000 mm uncoated & galvanized
  • 30x4.5mm  325x1000 mm uncoated & galvanized
  • 25x4.5mm  2400x1200 mm uncoated & galvanized
  • 30x4.5mm 2400x1200 mm uncoated and galvanized
  • 40x4.5mm 2400x1200 mm uncoated and galvanized
  • 50x4.5mm 2400x1200 mm uncoated and galvanized  


Expanded Metal:



Mentex and Flatex:                                                                       

Mentex and Flatex are manufactured to SASBS 190 - 1:1983.

All stock sheets are 1 200 LWM x 2 400 SWM.

Woven Wire Screens:

We stock a range of woven wire screens:



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