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Decorations and Ornaments                                                                                                 

We stock a large range of ornamental castings, hand crafted wrought iron scrolls and baskets, wrought iron candle holders, ornaments and much more. A large number of cups and pressings are always in stock. Various finials and scrolls that can be mounted on either 10mm, 12mm or 25mm square bar are available. Please visit our store to see the range we stock.



Our hardware range includes welding rods and related products, security gate locks, fastening equipment, hinges, drill bits, abrasive discs, paints, primers and thinners, sliding security gate wheels, door hanging systems, palisade fencing, security spikes and DIY equipment.


Wheel Kits

Sliding gate wheel kits in sizes 80mm and 100mm. All kits include 2 pvc guides which are also available separately.

Commercial & Industrial sliding door systems



Wide range of hinges from small pedestrian to large industrial gates.

  • Butt Sinklen Hinges in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.
  • Bullet hinges in 10x50, 12x70, 16x70, 16x100, 20x70, 20x100, 25x100, 30x120
  • Bullet Safety Hinges (Grease nipples) available in 25x100 and 30x120


Paint & Coatings

We stock red and black primers in 1l, 5l and 20l containers. Also available are the more effective etch primers in red, black and grey. Final coat enamel paint stocked in 1l and 5l tins in various colours such as signal red, matt black etc.

A large range of paint accessories such as paint brushes, rollers, scrapers, paint trays and also aerosol spray paints for touch up

Security Products

Our Perimeter Security Wall Spikes are supplied in 1.5m lengths in a long and short tooth configuration and available in hot dipped galvanized and uncoated. They are pre-drilled to accommodate 6mm easy drives for mounting on walls.

Locks and Handles

Vast ranges of security locks, including electric striker kits, sliding and swing gate locks, pin and hook bolt locks.

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